Applications for editing documents using your smartphone

Applications for editing documents

Applications for editing documents using your smartphone benefit from most functions in Office Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and offer important facilities for those who need mobility. For Android, the most common office applications are:

  • OfficeSuite 8 + PDF Converter;
  • Polaris Office + PDF;
  • Microsoft Office Mobile;
  • WPS Office.

For iOS, the most common office applications for editing documents are:

  • Quickoffice Pro HD;
  • Pages, Numbers, Keynote;
  • Polaris Office.
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Edit photos with the best programs online for free

Edit photos online, for free, and you will see why a picture is worth a thousand words. Or as many as hundreds of likes and comments from those you know (or not). Edit photos online is easier than ever. You want to have a surprising content on your social media pages, which you like and define your personality. And to get there, you know you have to post amazing photos frequently. But how do you get to the perfect picture? How do you retouch the few elements that should not have appeared in the frame? Simple! With a photo-editing application!  And as the market abounds with such applications, find out below which are the best photo editing applications! Often there is a need to edit photos online quickly, without installing bulky programs on your computer, applicationcomposite programs with lots of settings and often plywood. Fortunately, at the moment, there are a lot of possibilities to edit images online from the browser that can fully match your needs. And below I present the best programs to edit photos online for free, some online image editing applications directly from the browser.
Adobe Photoshop Express

With this application (which is, in fact, the mobile version of Photoshop that we all know), you can create collages from pictures, or you can add frames to photos. Edit photos with the best programs online for free. A plus is that you can share the image on social media channels directly from the application.

Photoshop Express offers a full range of free photo effects and convenient editing features. Customize your border and text experiences, enhance colors and images, create image collages, make quick corrections, and enhance your sharing moments.

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