15 Best Apps for Employee Monitoring

Business owners and human resources use employee monitoring to protect their employees’ work. Employees monitoring 2019 also track the productivity and the performance of their staff. The system offers data to be studied to find patterns, trends, and correlations to obtain ways to improve the entire business activity.

Employee monitoring software offers a global image of how people work in the company. An employee monitoring system shows the most frequent applications people use in a firm. The system also shows how long takes to get done the unproductive tasks. A computer monitoring software presents the time of the day when each employee works best.

An employee time tracking software improves dramatically a firm activity. The system can determine why a team is more productive than another.

Here are the best employee monitoring software 2019 systems.

  1. clevercontrol.com offers total control over the staff computers. The system monitors the workforce in any activity. It presents running applications, web surfing, social networking, and internet search. Clever Control also offers USB-drives content, emails, and chats.

Another great feature is monitoring from anywhere, whatever the location. The solution is cloud-based and has remote access using a web account. No dedicated server is required.

Finally, the installation can be done simply and rapidly, even by a no IT specialist. It takes only 3 minutes.  The application works on PC and Mac.

Clever Control is helpful in employees monitoring, presenting unlawful actions, increasing productivity, preventing significant information leakage, and detecting slackers. The firm manager easily obtains employee productivity monitoring. Obtaining employee productivity analysis reporting and employee productivity metrics is easy. The monitoring employee system provides applications and sites filter. Also provides settable storage time for staff desktop monitoring files.

Clever Control delivers employee work hours timekeeping, timesheet reporting, timesheet monitoring,

The system has a free 14 days trial period for as many PCs as necessary.

  1. www.teramind.co has a simple, easy-to-use admin dashboard. The critical feature is anomaly detection. presents OCR on-screen recording. Teramind can switch from revealed to stealth mode. It has compliance and privacy features. The monitoring system offers many reporting functions.
  2. activtrak.com is an employee computer monitoring software with automated alerts. It has productivity tracking and user privacy settings. The user can make screenshots. But no OCR capabilities when the user searches for a keyword within the screenshots. A considerable advantage is an affordable price. It works like Google Analytics for a firm.
  3. www.vericlock.com The employee monitoring system has many settings for the administrator. A disadvantage is that it supports only 1 GB of storage space. It doesn’t allow scheduled future time. Offers all feature a business owner needs to have information about the employee’s activity. The system is affordable. It is not a problem to overcome its small inconveniences.  Vericlock offers information about the employee log time, and efficient time tracking.
  4. Interguardsoftware.com records employees’ activity even they are not connected to a network. It prevents data loss. Scans employee’s activity to find policy violations. Remotely deletes files and locks the endpoint. It offers a web filter feature and internet content filtering. The system allows dashboard customization and monitors social media activity, as well as the chat. It offers a mobile application.
  5. timedoctor.com/ – offers the possibility to create invoices within the app. It is a combination of project management functions and employee monitoring features. Is a perfect tracking tool, it helps to establish working hours. It offers the project management main functions. Creates an excel timesheet to measure the working time for every employee. The user can purchase a simple free version.
  6. hubstaff.com offers 14 days free trial. Has useful keystroke and screenshots monitoring. Has the possibility to schedule shifts for employees. Unfortunately, the tracking is not advanced. The reporting is simple. Has some problems with tracking insights. The user needs to pay for file storage, progress reports, and in-app chat, unfortunately. On the contrary, the time tracking tool offers all information.
  7. staffcop-enterprise.com/ provides video and audio recording. Staffcop is a remote pc monitoring software that offers full OCR on screenshots and documents. The system offers keyword tracking, data visualizations, and remote desktop control. There is no cloud-based interface for admin.

Staffcop has powerful employee time tracking software. It provides user tracking, data gathering, and reporting tools. Staffcop reduces the risks of loss of reputation. The workflow becomes transparent. The maintenance is affordable, and the investment return is rapid.

  1. veriato.com provides full control over screen capture, payback, and data collection. Allows customizing reports and alerts. Tracks keywords and files. Detects anomalies and can answer to incidents. Monitors productivity. It works with SQL.

Veriato has a long experience in screen capture.

The software allows monitoring of employee internet usage. No cloud-based option, unfortunately.

The software has two parts: Veriato Recon and Veriato 360. Together, they realize threat detection, respond to online communications and activities within the network.

  1. desktime.com/ – is perfect to monitor employee’s computer activity. The system tracks URLs that integrate Outlook and Google calendar. The time tracking application works excellent as well as task and project management. Unfortunately, there is no keyword monitoring feature. The reporting has limits.

The remote employee monitoring system is affordable. It monitors applications and offers many customization possibilities.  Desktime is focused on time tracking and monitors employee’s productivity. The tracking software to track employee’s computer activity maps specific tasks and projects.

  1. workexaminer.com offers a free 30 days trial. It records in stealth mode what the user types or sees. Workexaminer shows how do employers monitor internet usage at work. The system tracks work time, computer utilization and help to manage HR resources. It is a useful Internet monitoring software. The employee monitoring system increases the form’s productivity.

Employees working hard must be appreciated, unlike people spending hours on social networks, or leaving early. The use of workexaminer brings a 26% productivity boost.

  1. fairtrak.com Monitor employee’s computer activity dedicated to managers improves the employee’s productivity. Analyzes behavior, and activities. The reports are easy to understand, presenting an employee activity.  

The screenshots can be customized. The activity is recorded continuously, or random. Fairtrak can block websites that affect people’s activity. The application can track worker productivity in real-time.

  1. sapien.com/ Provides administrative tools to support Windows scripts. the software offers free trial versions.
  2. digitalendpoint.com/ is one of the best employee monitoring software 2019. Protects against threats showing how employees used websites and applications. Studies network packets to find rogue applications.

The app realizes comparisons between workers performing similar jobs. Protect confidential data against theft of information.

  1. 15. com/ allows monitoring the activity, time, and attendance. Time tracking is also possible. Provides features to allow to see what the employees do every moment. The manager can see visited websites, applications in use automatically generate alerts when a violation happens.



Employee monitoring systems have a lot of features. Track and records the employee’s behavior on firm computers during work hours. The business owner receives information about the employee’s productivity and behavior. Employee monitoring software takes screenshots and videos to allow administrators an appropriate control of any problems. Usually, the monitoring system notifies the administrator when a suspicious event arrives.

The monitoring software industry has plenty of systems to offer. It is not easy to choose the most appropriate method.  2019 will provide new versions of existing employee monitoring systems, updating their software to new laws, judicial rules.

Some states require employers to notify employees when web activity and email monitoring are active. Some countries consider email communication monitoring correct. Recording biometric data must have the employee’s consent. The employee monitoring system must respect any new legislation and legal procedures.

A new issue is due to the tendency for an employee to use their own devices to work. For a freelancer or a remote employee, it is not clear yet the way to monitor their activity. Having employee consent is mandatory. Data capture must be limited to business purposes.

Clever Control, Hubstaff, Teramind, and Veriato are among the best-rated employee monitoring systems. The main advantages are:

  • Ease of use. The user interface is intuitive, the software easy to understand, and well organized
  • Activity monitoring features. Monitoring tools include web activity, email control video recording, alerts, and remote access.
  • The software price is essential in many circumstances. The customers benefit from the system unicity and structure.
  • Productivity monitoring tools. Reports about active/inactive time, company information violations.
  • Vendors must provide support in real-time. Serious support must be able to help admins and offer technical support.

Clever Control, a cloud-based employee monitoring system, easy to install and use provides the tools to increase productivity and secure the firm activity.

As we can see, it is not easy to choose the best employee monitoring system. The best solutions are the one who fits perfectly to the business characteristics. The price is also important, the easy to use as well.

An important aspect is the way employees feel when being monitored at work. A business owner wants to watch the workplace. Employers must remember that employees need privacy at work. Business owners must communicate with employees about the monitoring activities and the reason to use the monitoring system.

  • The monitoring activities at work must have written procedures.
  • Monitoring activities must be justified and not be excessive.
  • Personnel must receive information about the recording period and the storage time interval.
  • All information regarding employee activities storage securely is a must.

But someone may ask why employee monitoring is necessary. There are many reasons; it is a way to safeguard the workers. It helps to avoid unsafe working habits. In some firms, employees use sensitive information. The company profit depends on relevant information and employee monitoring software protects vital data.

Here are the ways employers use to monitor employees at work:

  • Listening to the phone calls
  • Bag control
  • Email monitoring
  • Web monitoring
  • Verifying the use of websites and emails.

In some firms, employers don’t allow the use of email, internet, or phone for staff personal use. Some managers will enable limited access to the phone, email, and the internet. The staff must be informed about the monitoring and the reason why it is applied.

A business manager must present the procedures that describe what is and isn’t allowed. They may ban some sites. The staff must be informed:

  • About monitoring
  • The reasonable number of personal phone calls and emails allowed
  • If personal emails and phone calls are forbidden.

Every procedure must be clear, easy to understand by all employees. An employee who doesn’t respect the monitoring rules is subject to disciplinary actions.

The monitoring procedures should be clear, readable, and easy to understand. The document must include the surveillance purpose. The contact details, such as phone number, website address, or email address must be specified.

If a camera is installed to prevent theft, the business owner cannot use it to record the entry and exit of staff from the workplace.

Bag searches: the workplace policy must inform the staff about purses and bag searches; the manager must have a serious legitimate reason for carrying out work-related searches.

Audio and video monitoring are used to prevent theft, monitor employees, and maintain security. If the control is invasive, in a physical manner, such as cameras in the bathroom or locker, courts may side with employee privacy. Staff may negotiate limitations on audio and video recording. Federal law does not forbid audio recording if a part consent.

Location tracking: a business owner can use GPS devices to track employees’ position on company-owned vehicles. It is possible to have employers using cell phone tracking to find the employee’s location.

Social media monitoring: some firms may have policies limiting what an employee can or cannot post on social media about the employer. These activities can take hard the firm prestige. At the same time, anti-discrimination laws forbid managers from disciplining employees based on race, color, age, religion, or gender.

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